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Specialized Pest Services

Some pests require a specialized, targeted program for elimination.  Such programs include the use of baits, dusts, non-repellents, monitors, traps, and/or exclusion.  Ross is trained and well equipped to identify the problem and create a treatment program to ensure your satisfaction.

Some examples of these more challenging pests include:

· Flying insects – moths, gnats, flies, wasps, bees, hornets, etc.

· Ants – Carpenter, Acrobat, Pharaoh, Odorous, Argentine, etc.

· Spiders – Brown Recluse, Black Widow, etc.

· Roaches – German, Brown Banded, American, Oriental, etc.

· Fleas

· Ticks

· Mosquitos

· Bed bugs

· Scorpions

· Infestations

· Rodents – House mice, Norway Rat, Roof Rat, etc.

· Snakes – We’re not afraid of snakes!