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New Construction Pest Services

Some services can only be performed during the construction phase.  We dust wall voids and attics before they are closed off or insulation is added.  We can do preventative termite treatment to the soil before the concrete is poured.  And, prior to move-in, we can perform a thorough treatment of rooms, closets, cabinets, etc. that might not be accessible one everything is unpacked and put away.
We will conduct a thorough inspection of the premises to identify the specific pests that are causing you problems. This is important because not all pests are treated the same.
We will determine the extent of your problem, such as infestations, nesting areas, etc.
We will work with the home owner to customize a service to specifically meet your needs. This may include traps or pesticides. Pesticides come in many forms but sprays, dusts and baits are the most commonly used in the home. Baits are a combination of pesticide and food or some other attractant. Controlling pests does not always require chemicals, but may include mechanical measures such as sealing holes and cracks.
We will take appropriate measures inside and outside to eliminate your pest problems.
After gaining control of the problems, we will return on a quarterly basis to prevent the problem from recurring