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Lawn Care Services

The most challenging aspect of maintaining a healthy lawn is know what to apply and when to apply it.  Establishing expectations is so important before beginning a lawn program.  Grassy and broadleaf weeds can be eliminated, but it’s an on-going, long-term process.  Additionally, Texas summers are brutal on lawns and even the best kept lawns can develop heat spots that are unrelated to our program.  Having said this, our clients’ lawns look great (including our lawn), they continue to renew with us, and we would welcome the opportunity to begin servicing your lawn.  Our lawn program consists of the following:
Ross uses granular, slow-release fertilizers with micro-nutrients for sustained growth and superior color.
Weed Control
Timely applications of pre-emergents are critical to weed control.  Although not a cure-all, pre-emergents help by preventing weed seeds from germinating.  Our weed control program also incorporates recurring applications of post-emergents to target weeds that sprout in spite of our best intentions.
Disease and Insect Control
Chinch bugs, mites, chiggers, ticks, fleas, and grubs are among the many insect pest that can damage a lawn or make it miserable to be in your lawn.  Although not as common, diseases can also affect the health of your lawn.  If your lawn is under attack, Ross is ready to respond.
Fire Ant Control
Yes, I know fire ants are an insect, but for Texans they deserve their very own treatment program.  One application of Topchoice® to your lawn and landscape beds keeps fire ants out for a full year…guaranteed.