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Ornamental Pest Services

Ross’ technicians are trained to identify and treat insect and disease issues related to your ornamentals.  Whether its bagworms, aphids, mold, or fungus, our treatments are based on sound principles and techniques.  Pesticide application is not always the answer, but when it is, it will be targeted to a specific issue.  If pesticides are of no benefit to your ornamentals, then Ross will recommend various cultural or mechanical controls to alleviate the problem.  We may even recommend an alternative type of ornamental that is more tolerant of the Texas environment.
Fertilizer / Pre-emergent

Six lawn applications, three of which have pre-emergent, and three landscape bed applications

Fire Ant Control

One application of Topchoice® lawn and landscape.

Weed Control
Monthly monitoring and up to six treatments of the lawn with post-emergent herbicides to control growing weeds.

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