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Frequently Asked Questions

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I have indoor and outdoor pets. Will my pets be safe with the treatments that you do?
The treatments are not harmful to your pets, but if liquid applications are made you are required to stay off of the treated areas until they are completely dry.
Do I have to leave my home when you do termite work?
No, it is not necessary to leave. We use low odor products, therefore there are no offensive odors that require you to stay away for a period of time.
I hear something running in my attic and I haven't seen what it is. Can you help me?
Yes, an inspection of the outside and attic can usually determine what has invaded your home.
How often do you need to treat my home so that I have a pest free home?
Quarterly treatments are recommended for most homes. However, some homes surrounded by adverse conditions may require more frequent treatments.
How do I know if I have termites?
Termites remain hidden within wood and are often difficult to detect. However, subterranean termites may be detected by the presence of winged reproductives, mud tubes, and wood damage. An inspection by a trained Ross Professional will determine if termites are present.
Do I have to sign a contract with your company?
No, you are not required to sign a contract with our company and we won’t try to sell you services that you do not want or need. We do recommend a regular treatment program and offer contracts which will reduce cost for the customer.
Do you give free estimates?
Yes, we will perform an inspection and give a free estimate.
I have severe allergies. Will treating my home for pests affect me?
An outside perimeter treatment with no chemicals applied inside of your home may be an option to consider to minimize your exposure to the product.
How far ahead do I need to schedule for my home to be treated?
In emergency situations we usually try to provide same day service. Usually, if you call to schedule an appointment with us, we will be able to provide service within a week or less.
What do I do if bugs come back inside after my service appointment?
Unfortunately, bugs don’t instantly die the instant they contact our barrier treatment. While our program is designed to keep bugs out, they may occasionally make it into your home. If this occurs and you feel that your treatment has been ineffective, simply call us and we will take whatever steps are necessary to correct the problem at no cost to you.
Do I need to be home at the time of treatment?
This depends on the type of treatment being provided. Routine pest control services typically target the exterior and in these cases, it is not necessary for the customer to be home. If an interior treatment is required, we will coordinate a time that is convenient for the customer.
Does rain affect my treatment?
The insecticides available for use today are designed to break down with 60-90 days. Effectivity can be affected by weather conditions over time, but it’s not likely that a rain event will wash away the treatment.
Aren’t pests only active in the summertime?
It’s true that pests are most active in the warmer months, but they don’t completely disappear in the winter. Some move indoors where they become active, some seek to “hibernate” in attics or wall voids, some go deeper into the ground or seek other shelter. But even in the harshest north Texas winters, we have warm days where the pests can emerge and enter the home.
Is it necessary to have the inside of my home treated?
Sometimes the interior of the home does require treatment, but this is normally limited to infestations, pests which do not contact the exterior barrier, and pests which are difficult to eliminate, such as scorpions.  Once on a regular program, our clients do not experience these conditions and exterior treatments have been proven to be extremely effective.  A focused, exterior treatment provides better control, less exposure to chemicals, is more convenient, and less intrusive.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We gladly accept all major credit cards.

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